Greenwald On ‘First Look;’ How Funding Will Liberate Independent Media

Greenwald: For me, "activism" is about effects and outcomes. Successful activism means successful outcomes, and that in turn takes resources. It’s very easy to maintain a perception of purity by remaining resource-starved and thus unable to really challenge large institutions in a comprehensive and sustained way. I know there are some people on the left who are so suspicious of anyone who is called "billionaire" that they think you’re fully and instantly guilty by virtue of any association with such a person. But I view it differently: I see resources as a thing needed to be exploited for a successful outcome, to effectively vindicate the political and journalistic values I believe in. And I’ve seen – particularly over the last six months – how vital serious resources are to doing something like this aggressively and without fear, and not allowing institutional constraints to impede what you want to do. At the end of the day, the choice we’re making is to make our form of journalism as potent and effective as it can be.

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